"My husband Matt and I knew at some point with three growing children, we would have to do something to our home or move. However, when I found out I was expecting in the winter of 2014 with our 4th the pressure was on. Should we move or renovate? We loved our home and its location. We lived in a rambler on a great lot that backed up to Beach Drive. However, closet space was nonexistent, the one bedroom that the two boys were sharing was tiny and the thought of 4 kids sharing the main bathroom of the house was not winning me over. Matt and I have had many negative home improvement experiences in the past so the thought of renovating made me apprehensive. So I began the search of a new home. Several months into the search we found a home that had what we needed but were out bidded. If you are familiar with this area prices are high, competition is fierce and most of the homes that are within your budget require are fair amount of renovation themselves. With a heavy heart of not finding anything and a due date fast approaching, we came to the conclusion renovating might be our best option. We would still have our home, lot, be close to school and possibly have equity.

We did a fair amount of research on Design/Build teams or separate Architect and Build firms. After many discussions with friends, neighbors and parishioners up at our school/church. We went with an Architect from our neighborhood and parish that was recommended. We also liked the idea of being able to put the plans out to bid to a builder to see price comparisons. We put it out to bid with three builders one being Franklin renovation that our architect recommended. We talked to homeowners that used them for renovations or home improvement projects and they came highly recommended.
In the Spring of 2015 we were signed on with Peoples Architects and Franklin Renovations. We moved everything out of our home in June with a start date of July 1st and a completion time of January of 2016. We were nervous and excited at the same time. As a lover of the HGTV channel, I kept telling Matt and myself be prepared for anything, which I would still recommend.
They began work on July 1st as they said they would. Our renovation project included a top addition of five bedrooms, two bathrooms, renovation of the main floor to open it up and a basement renovation. It was a lot but Franklin renovation exceeded our expectations at every corner. 
Jason Franklin, David West and Irvin Hill were amazing from the start. From the beginning, I was impressed with their ability to communicate clearly and efficiently and the quality of work was outstanding. I always felt I knew were the projects stood and what was to come. They returned phone calls, emails and texts promptly. They provided me with information, so we could make wise decisions but without making me feel overwhelmed. Jason and Dave made suggestions that we took into consideration for aesthetic looks as well as my budgetary constraints. Sometimes offering something that I have not thought of myself that worked out beautifully. 
During the course of the work I was impressed with their kindness and thoughtfulness not only to me but my family as well. Their team of electricians, builders, carpenters and masons were amazing. They always left the work space neat and tidy as possible. They were patient and kind to my 4 children. The vendors that Franklin provided were efficient and helpful with all the interior home choices.
The project was completed in the beginning of February with us moving back in at the end of the month very close to completed date that was stated. We couldn’t be happier with our home or the process that got us here. It is rare to meet business owners who take such pride in their work and do it with such integrity. Thank you to Jason, Dave and Irvin and the entire Franklin Team. We are sad to see you go and wish all the best in your future endeavors. We couldn’t be happier with our home that you built for us.
We are more than happy to speak with anyone regarding Franklin Renovations. We would be happy to show you our home so you can see their work first hand if you desire. The work that they did will attest to their outstanding abilities."

 -The Morin Family,  Bethesda, MD 


"We are very happy that we chose Franklin Renovations to do our addition and renovation.  The work was extensive:  adding three new bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and renovating much of the first floor, including another bathroom and the kitchen.   We were first impressed with Jason Franklin’s professional, detailed bid on our project.  It was very clear what would be covered by the contract price.  Jason also assembled an excellent team of framers, plumbers, electricians, flooring and tile installers, and so forth.  During construction, we often came to check the progress on the house, and all of the workers were friendly and helpful.  When a few minor construction problems developed, Jason took full responsibility, and he worked to reach the best result.  Jason was always ready to listen to any new ideas for the renovation, and to try to make them work.  For instance, during construction, we decided to add a reading loft in our children’s shared closet and a carpeted storage closet/fort in our son’s bedroom.   Jason and his team enthusiastically embraced these projects and, for very little added cost, created two beautifully finished, imaginative play areas for our children.  Finally, and most importantly, Jason made sure that the renovation was completed on schedule.  We are very pleased with the results.  We highly recommend Jason Franklin and Franklin Renovations."    

  -Robin & Andy,  Kensington, MD

"Franklin Renovations recently completed a large addition onto our Kensington home. Jason Franklin made it his priority to exceed our expectations, and went above and beyond to ensure that our renovation was completed efficiently, according to the plans and to code. When we wanted to divert from the original bid he was accommodating and reasonable, and worked with his subcontractors to meet our needs and minimize additional expense.  Jason patiently educated my husband and I about the steps involved in the construction process.  An added complication to our project was that our family lived in the house during the construction.  Jason was kind to our children and dog, and, although the process was stressful and invasive for our family, he worked to ensure that our lives were disrupted as little as possible.  My family and I are thrilled with our addition. We enthusiastically recommend Franklin Renovations!"

 -Lynn,  Kensington, MD        

"We hired Franklin renovations for a number of projects on our new house, Including moving a wall and air vent and installing a new door and door frame.  The workmanship was excellent and the job was done quickly so that we could move in on time." 

-Paul,   Bethesda, MD        

"Jason came to the house prepared and very professional. He measured everything, took pictures and emailed me a sketch drawing within 2 days. This was far more than the other contractors who came did for me. He worked with me to create exactly what I envisioned . His communication was excellent. The finished product looks excellent!  I am very pleased with Jason and his company. 

-Melissa,   Damascus, MD       

"I highly recommend hiring Jason for your job.  He recently build an amazing deck onto my townhouse.  I was thrilled with his professional manner throughout the entire process.  Everything was done on time as scheduled and his crew was hard working and extremely attentive to detail.  I was thrilled with my finished product!"

 -Kristy,  Germantown, MD