After your initial contact with Franklin Renovations, we will schedule a meeting at your property to inspect the structure, site, and existing conditions. We will discuss your needs and provide suggestions for your project. After gathering this information, we will compile a "range of cost" preliminary estimate based on historic cost data for similar projects so that you can determine the feasibility of the project within your budget.  If you are already working with an Architect or Designer, we can provide budgetary pricing based on their drawings.


Once you have determined that you're ready to start your project, we will bring in a Design Professional for an initial meeting to discuss your needs for the project and gather information necessary for design.  A few weeks later, we will have several schematic drawings completed for your review. In most cases, you'll pull ideas from each to come up with master drawing that will be fine tuned to your needs over the coming weeks. At this time we will research local zoning requirements for your property and if necessary, order any surveys needed for permitting. Once the design has been finalized, we will provide budgetary pricing to ensure that the project is still on target with your budget. After the final design is approved, the Architect/Designer will complete construction drawings ready for permit. The overall time frame for this process is dependent upon the size of the project. However, a time frame of 30-90 days is not uncommon.


After construction drawings are issued, we will provide a fixed contract price for your project. On larger projects we will hold a site meeting with our Subcontractors and Suppliers so that they can accurately provide costs for pricing. Shortly after this meeting (usually 10-14 days) we will have your fixed price completed and begin drawing up contract documents.


We will submit your construction drawings along with all required surveys to your local jurisdiction for zoning and architectural review. The permitting process for small projects is usually several days, and somewhere between 3-5 weeks for additions and large renovation projects. On new construction projects other reviews for stormwater management, land development, etc. will be required and extend the permitting process by several more weeks. Franklin Renovations Subcontractors will pull their own electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits under the master building permit after it has been issued.


After the building permit is issued, the construction phase of your project will begin. You will be given a project schedule which will be updated several times throughout construciton. You will also begin to see many extreme changes on site. Exterior demolition will start, then excavation, foundation, framing, and so on.  As things continue, you'll notice that the empty hole in your backyard will begin to look more and more like a house. Throughout the early phases of construction we will finalize your material selections for items like cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and flooring so that materials can be ordered promptly and on site when needed. During the entire construction phase you will have a weekly meeting on site with your project manager to discuss the project schedule, changes to plan, and other day to day items. After the County/City close-in inspection, insulation will be installed, drywall will go up and things will really begin to move very fast as the finishes are installed in your home. At the end of Construction, we will have the work area and affected areas professionally cleaned and request the County/City final inspection. After passing inspection we will perform all "punch-list" work and you can begin enjoying your new home.

Construction times vary dependent upon project size. However, in general  you should expect the following construction time frames: Smaller Projects - 30-60 days, Additions/Larger Renovation Projects- 3-7 months, and New Construction Projects- 7-12 months

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